Nice to meet you

We are a community organisation in Marple, Stockport, and we’re passionate about equality (but you probably worked that out from our name).

Our aims are to:

  • Celebrate the achievements of women in history and today
  • Facilitate community response to women’s achievements
  • Promote equality for all in Marple and the wider world
  • Encourage women to take part in our democracy
  • Organise community opportunities to engage with equality matters

We launched officially on March 8th 2018, International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is Press for Progress, and you can see in our first blog post how you can help speed up progress by joining up (and here’s why we think you should join).


We are also very excited to bring you a wonderful exhibition this summer on the lives of women in the First World War, most notable four local Marple Wonder Women. You’re invited to the FREE tea party we are throwing with the WI Rolling Scones on June 30th to celebrate the opening of the exhibition. Click on the poster to find out more.

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